1-Hour Social Media Consultation with Weekly Follow Ups

1-Hour Social Media Consultation with Weekly Follow Ups

249.00 every month

This is my most effective and popular option. In this scenario we will have weekly consulting session/follow-ups that will allow me to monitor progress as well as understand what’s working and what is not as it relates to your personal brand. This is the fastest way to jumpstart your growth and the most effective way for us to connect for the best results.

Things covered in this session include:

  • Setting up your account and optimizing your instagram page.

  • Discovering your core subject pillars and figuring out your niche.

  • How to make attention grabbing content: thinking outside of the box.

    • How to create engaging photos.

    • How to create engaging videos.

  • Posting for maximum exposure and engagement

    • Hashtags

    • Mentions

    • Comments

  • How to effectively use Instagram Stories

  • Engaging with your followers.

  • Using insights and analytics.